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Attractive, User-friendly, Optimized. These are the three words that describe web designs created by Indian Digital Store Pvt Ltd. What else would make us the most reputable and best web design and website development company in Raxaul? Don’t believe us? Check out our clients who have trusted us with their web design requirements. You can indeed assess the quality of the current page you are on!

Why would your business require a website, you ask? Simple, websites are your home on the internet and hiring the best web development company in Raxaul is of utmost importance. Besides, in this modern-age, customers regularly check out a business’s website to form a first impression.

We have a team of the most talented web designers in Raxaul. With years of experience in talking to clients and understanding their requirements, they won’t have trouble knowing what website your business needs. Whether your company rakes in crores of revenue every month or you are a small home-based business trying to make a place for yourself in your niche, our website designing company in Raxaul will help you achieve your goals.

Don’t know where to start?

Are you lacking the time to design or develop a website? Are you confused and don’t know how to make an online presence contribute to business growth? Worry no more because you have reached the Best Web Design and Website Development company in Raxaul.

We know the importance of websites for a business, that is why we have created a team of web designers in Raxaul. This team consists of UI/UX Developers, web developers, graphic designers, and SEO specialists. They will work together to make your website look more attractive and engaging at an affordable price.

Choose our professional web design company in Raxaul to build your online presence and see the results with increased traffic and leads.

What Indian Digital Store Can Do For You?

Our web design services are made possible using WordPress – a CMS that is widely used for website making. Whether your business requires a static or a dynamic web design, we have you covered. All websites designed by us are similar to the latest trend followed by web designers across the world. If this is your first website, then worry less, because we can help you build it from scratch. We offer these services to help businesses grow and find their calling.

Content Marketing

Your website should have well structured content that silently sells your product or service. As Bill Gates once said, “Content is King”, your website should be filled with meaningful content that helps your visitors understand what you are offering. Our web design company in Raxaul will help structure the content that helps convert traffic into more conversions.

Business Websites

These websites can help your business by generating more leads. It also helps to convert a visitor to become your customer. You can also use this type of website to help your visitors understand the services you offer. These websites require good designs, content and need to be search engine friendly to attract more visitors to your website.

E-Commerce Websites

Are you thinking of selling your products via a website? Then this type of website can help you achieve your requirement. An ecommerce website can help you sell your products with ease using a secured payment gateway.

Custom WordPress Websites

A custom WordPress website can help you to tailor everything on your website according to the business need. This way your digital presence meets the standard, branding and functionality of the business.

Website Maintenance

Once your website is ready and live, you might think that is the end of web development. But, that is when everything starts. You will need to keep up with the latest updates of the core web vitals or even simply update your plugins. All of this includes regular website maintenance.

Custom WordPress Websites

When your business has a website, you will have traffic coming from different devices with different screen sizes. To cope up with this, you will want your website to be adjusting to all screen sizes.  We will optimize your website to work across all devices regardless of their screen sizes.

Thinking of building a website? Feel free to share your ideas and we’ll build it in no time!

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Website Designer?

Your website acts as the face of your business therefore it is mandatory to get it right. Most of your competitors will already have one built using one of the Content Management Systems (CMS). To fit into the competition, you cannot have a mediocre web design. Every customer looks to engage with businesses that have good branding, and only an excellent website can bring that image in their mind.

People surfing on the internet come with many intentions other than making a purchase. These intentions can be product or service research, checking business reviews or maybe just for comparison. Our professional web designer would design your website keeping such matters in mind.

Our website developers in Raxaul can find the right web framework using which your online presence can come into existence. A web framework is the backbone which helps the functionality of your website. So choosing the right one will help your website in the long run.

Our Methodology for Website Creation

Our process involved in the making of websites is simple and does not consume a lot of your time. You can sit back and wait for your website to be published on the internet. Below is the brief explanation of our process:

Project Understanding

First, we try to understand your business and its requirements. We would require you to open up completely about what your business needs. This helps our team of web designers in Raxaul understand what your website making requires. Free Domain & Hosting for 1 year.


With the inputs provided by you, the team present in our web design company in Raxaul works on gathering the necessary information. This information would be researching more about your business, acquiring images, selecting a web framework, content creation, etc. 


Once the wireframe is created, our web designers start working on the prototype of your website. They will add attractive colour schemes to make your website look more bold. Further, they will choose the font face that suits well across the website. Also adding to it is an easy navigation, so that your visitors don’t feel lost while browsing your website. At the end of this stage, we ensure that the prototype has an intuitive user interface (UI) and satiating user experience (UX). Our team works on developing your online presence using the planned web framework. Before we proceed to the next stage, we present to you the prototype for your valuable feedback.

Development & Testing

When you feel everything looks fine, we will head to this next stage of developing your website. During this stage, our team of web developers in Raxaul tend to work day and night to bring your interactive design to the internet. Our team works on developing your online presence using the planned web framework. We believe that a good website is when it has no loopholes in its functionality. After your website is developed, our team of web developers conduct testing of the website. This testing helps to find out any bugs or errors that are left out after on the website. Once the website is deemed to be functioning perfectly, we publish it on the internet.


After your website goes live on the internet, that does not mean the end of web development. A website is like a vehicle that requires timely maintenance. Website maintenance helps to keep it running smoothly. We conduct website maintenance in regular intervals – weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. This way your website is up-to-date with the latest plugins and softwares.

Mobile Responsive Websites

With an increase in the number of mobile users, many of your website visitors are reaching you through mobile phones. When people visit your website, they shouldn’t see an unresponsive website which in turn affects your online growth.

Here’s a quick explanation of mobile responsive websites. Also known as responsive web designs, they are meant to scale its elements and content according to different screen sizes. The ultimate goal is to avoid unnecessary adjustments of the website when viewed on different devices.

Our website designing company in Raxaul believes that having a mobile responsive website can be beneficial. The following are the benefits of it:

1. Improved user experience
2. Search engine optimization gains
3. Ease of management
4. Affordable
5. Easy Mobile Marketing

Web Design Trends for 2021

Only the best Web Design Company in Bangalore follows the latest trends in the industry. We are up-to-date with the trends that are being followed for web design across the globe. The latest trends that our Web Development Company in Bangalore has adopted are:

3D Visuals

Adding 3D Visuals to your web design can help build a better user experience. Our web designers in Raxaul will bring harmony between all the design elements of the website by adding 3D visuals.


With the increase in speed of the internet, our website developers in Bangalore suggest having a mixture of videos, visuals, text, and audio makes for a rich user experience.

Augmented Reality

This feature works well in websites where you want your customer to experience the product virtually at the comfort of their home. After experiencing the product, they can visit your store.

Muted Colors

Muted colors help the web design feel much alive. Basically, the colors match up with the background, the text, and the image to make it look bold overall.

Gaussian Blur

Gaussian blur works well to provide a soft-focus on images and gradients. They had used this effect for a while, but now our web designers in Raxaul are using it more in well-needed web designs.

Dark Mode and Light Mode

This feature works well in websites where you want your customer to experience the product virtually at the comfort of their home. After experiencing the product, they can visit your store.

Cartoon Illustrations

Our web designers in Raxaul think that cartoon illustrations make it easier for visitors to grasp what the content is about. These illustrations have gained popularity as they transform websites to look more meaningful.

Custom Cursors

For a long time now, custom cursors are being ignored. Custom Cursors can help enrich the user experience by using suitable cursors for the website and adding more features & Navigations to look more attractive

Businesses that Trust Us

Our Portfolio for Website Designing in Raxaul

Check out our latest work that makes us the best web designing company in Raxaul in the following industries

Healthcare Industry

Provide essential healthcare services using digital platforms.

Home Care Services

Improve your health conditions at the comfort of your home.

Jewelry Industry

Provide customers the catalog of all the products that are sold.

Recruitment Marketplace

Bringing the marketplace of employers to recruiters using digital solutions.

Education Sector

Build informational websites to let students find you on the internet.


Build communication with your guests by building an attractive informational website

Graphics Studio

Showcase your designs to your clients. Help them choose from a wide range of designs.

Toys Industry

Create an online store or only a catalog to attract customers to your website.

Security System

Create a website to show the different security products that you offer


Sell or promote your products using a website that is secured for payments

Automotive Industry

Whether it’s a mechanic service or maybe a showroom, having a website can help build a customer base.

Machinery Equipments

Showcase your machinery equipment to increase your B2B coverage.


A website can help you showcase your product along with reviews of the same

Hotels & Restaurants

Let your business display the menu you offer besides “offers of the day”.

Interior Designs

Exhibit the interior designs you have done to convert more visitors into leads.

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These are few reasons you should consider Indian Digital Store Pvt. Ltd as your full web development company in Raxaul


Our web designers in Raxaul always engage by first asking, listening, and understanding what you need. This will help us design a website that communicates about your brand and business in unison with your customer.

The best web designing company in Raxaul has services that are not as costly as you might think. We offer the best services at the most affordable prices.

We understand that when you want your business to go online; it means that you are looking for a quick transition. Therefore, consider us, because we can build a website for you faster than other web designers in Raxaul.

We assure you that our website developers in Bangalore build the best interactive designs according to your requirements. Our website developers in Raxaul ask for your ideas and ensure that each webpage is according to what you ask for.

Our support for you starts from the time you fill in your details and goes on forever till you are with us. Our continuous support will not end and you won’t feel like going away from us.

In today’s competitive industry, using just any website won’t make it. Many internet users are no-strangers to responsive web design which is easy to use, attractive to the eye, and fast. You can build a lead generating website to increase leads or an ecommerce website to sell products. A recent study has proven that an average user who is just browsing for information or any product, would bounce off of your website when it could not load in just 3 seconds. If your website isn’t meeting or exceeding a user’s expectations, you’re going to lose authority, trust, and especially revenue. However, a well-designed website can describe your brand, engage with your audience, and drive your sales beyond expectation.